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Aug 5 07 4:26 AM

Hi all !
just wanted to say calm down all of u !
i think he just copy pasted wt he saw in one of the forums:-? i really don't know him but i think he did so calm down it's not just his falt
bs il thnx part , u have a point there Dr.Zaid
the results r comming out today officially so hope success 4 everybody

Minds are like Parachutes , They only funtion when they are OPEN !...

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Aug 5 07 8:06 PM

thank u massari

سلملنا على دبي هواية كلش مشتاقيلها هاي اذا بعدك ما رجعت

إن كان لا يمكنك الحضور لأي عذرٍ طارئٍ

سأكتفي بالرائحة

إن كان لا يمكن أن تأتي غداً.. لموعدي

إذن.. تعالي البارحة!!

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